The March To The Sea: An American Civil War Matrix Game – Starting Positions

The initial forces available to each side and their starting positions are as follows.

UnionIn Chattanooga:

  • The Army of the Tennessee (General William Tecumseh Sherman)
    • 1 Artillery Battery (15th Ohio)
    • 1 Cavalry Regiment (25th Illinois)
    • 3 Infantry Regiments (38th Indiana, 22nd Illinois, and 47th Wisconsin)
  • The Army of the Ohio (General John Schofield)
    • 1 Artillery Battery (24th Michigan)
    • 1 Cavalry Regiment (5th Indiana)
    • 2 Infantry Regiments (42nd Indiana and 35th Kentucky)

In Nashville:

  • The Army of the Cumberland (General George Thomas)
    • 1 Cavalry Regiment (29th Michigan)
    • 2 Infantry Regiments (16th Ohio and 19th Illinois)

Possible Reinforcements:

  • Any destroyed units may be re-raised in Nashville

ConfederacyIn Cassville:

  • The Army of Tennessee (General Joseph E. Johnston)
    • 1 Artillery Battery (12th Georgia)
    • 4 Infantry Regiments (14th Tennessee, 25th Georgia, 43rd Alabama, and 36th Mississippi)

In Alabama:

  • Bedford’s Raiders (General Nathan Bedford Forrest)
    • 1 Mounted Infantry Regiment (15th Tennessee)
    • 1 Cavalry Regiment (8th Alabama)

In Lafayette:

  • Morgan’s Cavalry (General John Hunt Morgan)
    • 2 Cavalry Regiments (4th Kentucky and 33rd Georgia)

Possible Reinforcements:

  • None!

Campaign Map

Please click on the map to make it larger.


2 Comments on “The March To The Sea: An American Civil War Matrix Game – Starting Positions”

  1. Steven Page says:

    Hi Bob,
    I live about five minutes from Cassville, and have walked the trench lines that still dot the area. If Joe Johnstone had not been spooked by reports of Union Cavalry operating behind his flanks, there might have been a “mini-Fredericksburg”. The confederate position was on a ridge line with an incredible view of the area.
    I look forward to seeing how this game will unfold…

  2. Steve,

    Thanks for the very interesting comment. There is nothing like having local knowledge!

    I hope that you enjoy reading the story of this campaign as it unfolds.

    All the best,


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