Oh no! Not more ROCO/Roskopf (and a couple of Trident) model vehicles!

Whilst I was out and about yesterday the Post Office tried to deliver a parcel to me, but because I was not in they left a card telling me that I could collect it this morning from the sorting office in Plumstead.

The local Royal Mail sorting office is located on what is known as an ‘island’ site. In other words it – and the local bus garage, a McDonald’s drive-through restaurant, and a collection of retail/storage units – is situated on what is a very large roundabout or small traffic gyratory road system. Trying to get onto the ‘island’ involves driving almost completely around it and crossing two lines of fast-moving traffic … and getting off it is downright dangerous as you have to re-enter the fast-moving traffic via a very short accelerator lane/slip road!

My journey was, however, worth it as I was able to pick up the latest batch of ROCO/Roskopf/Trident model vehicles that I had bought on eBay. They are two Pzkpfw IIIs, two Pzkpfw IVs, a Mobelwagen 37mm anti-aircraft gun mounted on a Pzkpfw IV chassis, a Jagdpanzer VI Jadgtiger, a Pzkpfw V Panther

… four 2.5-ton trucks, a 6-ton truck, a small 4 rad. truck, …

… two 155mm howitzers, three 105mm howitzers, …

… two Sdkfz 251 armoured half-tracks (one of which is fitted with a 75mm gun), …

… a Sheridan air-portable tank, a Jagdpanzer, a Raketenpanzer, and a Lacrosse artillery rocket and launcher mounted on a 2.5-ton truck.

Rather an eclectic mix in places, but I am sure that I will manage to find a use for all of them!


10 Comments on “Oh no! Not more ROCO/Roskopf (and a couple of Trident) model vehicles!”

  1. I used to love Minitanks when I was small. I didn't care what they were off I just loved them! Nice to see the ones with rockets on again. Always wanted one of those but never got one!

  2. Legatus Hedlius,

    I still love them … and I am buying as many of them as I can for my Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War project.

    I bought the rocket and launch vehicle because – like you – I had always wanted one but never owned one.

    All the best,


  3. Pete. says:

    A great haul Bob, I just see an unusual model as a challenge to my scenario writing abilities. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.



  4. Don M says:

    Very nice indeed Bob, if you can't find a use for the NATO kit I'd be happy to swap you some of my excess WWII ROCO German tanks.

  5. Pete,

    Funnily enough the Lacrosse missile and launcher has given me an idea for an imagi-nation Cold War scenario … but whether or not I will ever take it any further remains to be seen!

    All the best,


  6. Don M,

    Thanks for the offer. I have one or two ideas about what I want to use the NATO (and Warpac) stuff that I have for, but if it comes to nothing I may well be in the market to swop it for some WWII kit.

    All the best,


  7. Conrad Kinch says:

    Happiness is a well stocked tank park.

  8. Conrad Kinch,

    You can never have too many tanks … or trucks … or artillery!

    Quantity has a quality all of its own … as me old Grandma used to say (she was often quoted by Comrade Stalin, although I don't ever remember him using her usual catchphrase 'Mine's a pint … of gin!').

    All the best,


  9. Sean says:

    Great stuff, I am becoming envious.

  10. Sean,

    I have a few more bits to buy for my Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War project … and I suspect that I also have some further ROCO vehicles in my shed.

    All the best,


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