The irresistible itch still needs scratching

Despite my best intentions, I have yet to begin drafting a set of rules that will utilise Archduke Piccolo‘s innovative D6 dice combat resolution system. Other things – such as the need to continue work on the major gardening project my wife and I have in hand – have rather occupied my time … and I know that I will not have much free time next week. (I am attending a long meeting – followed by a formal dinner – at Great Queen Street on Wednesday and a wedding on the following Saturday.)

I still intend to write these rules … but it looks as if it might have to wait until early October before I can.


4 Comments on “The irresistible itch still needs scratching”

  1. A time for all things and for all things a season. The autumn is upon us!

  2. Ross Mac,

    How very true! The basic concept will not go away just because I have not yet had time to use it … and with luck I should be able to in the not too distant future.

    All the best,


  3. Sean says:

    I will enjoy reading them whenever they come out. It will also give me more time to digest what AP wrote and even update my stab at the rules.

  4. Sean,

    I hope to produce a really simple set of rules that will fit on one side of A4 paper. Because my rules will be tactical rather than strategic, I am thinking about using a slightly different dice resolution system from that I originally outlined … but I want to test it first before I commit my ideas to paper.

    All the best,


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