Latest Funny Little Wars publications arrive!

Some time ago I ordered FUNNY LITTLE WARS and LITTLE CAMPAIGNS (both of which were written by the Reverend Paul Wright, Chaplain Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst) from Patrick Wilson at ‘The Virtual Armchair General‘ … and they arrived today courtesy of USPS!

FUNNY LITTLE WARS was originally published in 2009, and is on sale from ‘The Virtual Armchair General‘ for $40.00.

Front Cover

Back Cover

The book is divided into seven chapters, seven appendices, and several extraneous sections.

  • Chapter One – An historical introduction to H G Wells
  • Chapter Two – Playing Little Wars Yesterday
  • Chapter Three – Playing Little Wars Today (including sections on: 1. What You Need; 2. The Basic Points System; 3. Levels of Command; 4. Victory Points & Objectives; 5. Troop and Figure Types; 6. Basing Your Figures; and 7. Formations)
  • Chapter Four – The Basic Game (including sections on: 1. Basic Precepts; 2. The Game Turn; 3. Movement; 4. Charges; 5. Artillery Fire; 6. Small Arms & Machine Gun Fire; and 9. Melee) [I don’t know what happened to 7. and 8.!]
  • Chapter Five – Optional & Advanced Rules (including sections on: Orders & Dispatches; Unknown Terrain; Morale; Quartermasters and Supply; Aerial Observation; Engineers/Sappers; Signalling; Bands & Chaplains; Spies; Field Hospitals; and A Word on Umpires: The last Word)
  • Chapter Six – Some “Top Tips” for the Better Sort of Chap
  • Chapter Seven – Two Classic Scenarios
  • Appendix A: Building an Army
  • Appendix B: Figure & Accessory resources
  • Appendix C: Suggested Bibliography, Further Reading & “Talking Motion Pictures”
  • Appendix D: A New Use For The Garden
  • Appendix E: The Army Lists
  • Appendix F: The Shape of Games To Come
  • Appendix G: A Funny Little War from the Sidelines
  • A Last Word
  • A “Well Done You All Round!” to These Splendid Chaps!
  • The Roll of Honour
  • Game Playing Aids & Record Sheets

LITTLE CAMPAIGNS has only just been published, and it is also $40.00 from ‘The Virtual Armchair General

Front Cover

Back Cover

The book is divided into five chapters, six appendices, and several extraneous sections.

  • Chapter 1 – War Game Campaigns
  • Chapter 2 – The Map Campaign System: A Simple Model
  • Chapter 3 – Some Enhanced Rules for FLW
  • Chapter 4 – The “Ferree-Wilsonian” Computerized Video Battle System
  • Chapter 5 – A Campaign Example, “The Herring War, 1908”
  • A Last Word And Some Sound Advice From HGW
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix 1 – Additional Army Lists
  • Appendix 2 – Miniatures Sources
  • Appendix 3 – Top Tips for Titivating Terrain
  • Appendix 4 – A Lady’s Complaint
  • Appendix 5 – “Mentioned in Despatches …”
  • Appendix 6 – Game Record Sheets


This includes:

  • A four page mock-up of the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS that relates the history of “The Herring War”
  • The copies of a campaign map
  • Four sheets of map counters (two in red and two in black)

The LITTLE CAMPAIGNS GRAPHIC SUPPLEMENT is also available from ‘The Virtual Armchair General‘ for $12.00.

As yet I have only had the chance to skim through everything that arrived today, but there appears to be a lot of stuff that will be of great interest to me.

2 Comments on “Latest Funny Little Wars publications arrive!”

  1. KEV. says:

    I was reading your Posts on 'Little Wars' with much interest. I've recently ordered 'Funny Little Wars' and the second book 'FLW – Campaigns' as well. It will be several weeks before the books arrive though your outline of the contents certainly gives me hope that I've spent the $130 wisely. I'm hoping that the Pardre's work will provide enough light on gaming mechanisms to influence and guide my WW1 Garden Games in 54mm- here is hoping. All the Best. KEV.

  2. Kev,

    I don't think that you will be disappointed. The books contain everything that you need to fight battles and campaigns on your lawn.

    All the best,


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