The Big Parade!

I decided that it was about time that I mounted a parade of my collection of Britains painted 54mm-scale figures … so here goes!

The order in which the units appear on the ‘Big Parade’ are (from right to left) as follows:

The number of each figures featured are:

  • Black Watch: 5 Officers, 2 Pipers, 28 Other Ranks
  • Seaforth Highlanders: 1 Officer, 1 Piper, 7 Other Ranks
  • Gordon Highlanders: 1 Officer, 1 Piper, 4 Other Ranks
  • Welsh Guards: 2 Officers, 8 Guardsmen
  • York and Lancaster Regiment: 1 Officer, 9 Other Ranks
  • Scots Guards: 1 Piper, 5 Guardsmen
  • United States Marines: 20 Marines

A total of 96 figures in all … which is the equivalent of almost five full-sized Funny Little Wars battalions/regiments and nine half-sized ones.

I think that I have made quite a reasonable start towards the creation of a Funny Little Wars army … and already there are some more figures on the way, including another 9 Seaforth Highlanders.


8 Comments on “The Big Parade!”

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    Now all you need Bob, is 76 Trombones !!

  2. Jim Duncan,And fifty mounted cannon in the battery as wel!All the best,Bob

  3. Conrad Kinch,By the centre, quick march!All the best,Bob

  4. Give you joy of your army sir!

  5. P.S Did you listen to the Test today? Gosh!

  6. Tradgardmastare,Even if I never, ever use them on the tabletop (and there is every likelihood that I will be doing so in the near future), I will enjoy owning these figures … and there are still more to come!All the best,Bob

  7. Tradgardmastare,Yes I did … and I cannot wait to see the edited highlights later this evening.All the best,Bob

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