Post Office parcel bonanza: the inside story

Having spent most of the morning trying to fix a faulty ball valve of a toilet cistern … and getting soaking wet in the process … I finally managed to unpack everything that was in my recent delivered batch of parcels.

The first of the five parcels was from Jim Duncan and contained a complete set of 54mm-scale figure moulds

The second parcel contained a set of six painted Britains Black Watch Highlanders …

… and six painted Britains Scot Guards.

The third parcel contained six painted Britains Gordon Highlanders (who are much less common than their Black Watch brethren!).

My fourth parcel contained two items bought from the same eBay seller … and these were more Black Watch Highlanders … seventeen of them, in fact!

The fifth and final parcel came from John Patriquin and it contained a considerable number of plastic 54mm-scale figures of British Guardsmen …

… and dismounted Household Cavalry …

… as well as literally hundreds of Axis and Allies Miniature figures, artillery, and vehicles!

These are going to take me quite some time to sort out, but when that has been done they are going to provide me with all sorts of possibilities.


6 Comments on “Post Office parcel bonanza: the inside story”

  1. Sean says:

    Great looking stuff coming across your door step. The Axis and Allies stuff is impressive.

  2. Sean,It was a good as a childhood Christmas! Lots of great parcels to open, each containing something that I wanted.I now have a large collection Axis and Allies Miniatures figures, artillery, and vehicles, and can now fight quite sizeable battles with them.All the best,Bob

  3. BigRedBat says:

    I used to have some of those household cavalry; some of the first minis I owned. Nostalgia…

  4. Arquinsiel says:

    Looks like some Tetrarchs and some Archer SPGs, as well as those odd Marders I had never seen before your previous A&A minis post! Not common subjects at any scale. Are those turretless Humber armoured cars in the background?

  5. BigRedBat,I have some very old Britains figures that I was given when I was five … but they are currently 'lost' in my garden shed!All the best,Bob

  6. Arquinsiel,Your AFV recognition is spot-on!I now own more than six of the Marders, which gives me lots of mobile anti-tank capability.All the best,Bob

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