In praise of Peter Laing Miniatures: Part 3

The Continental Wars Society put on a display of Peter Laing Miniatures at SALUTE2013. They display took the form of a military parade located in Germany towards the end of the nineteenth century. The figures were all painted in parade uniforms and the various formations were labelled using large flags.

PS. The images of the Continental Wars Society’s display were kindly provided by Ian Dury.


6 Comments on “In praise of Peter Laing Miniatures: Part 3”

  1. Ian Dury says:

    The display is a victory parade on the Potsdam parade ground at the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. The backdrop I created is the actual building (the Stadtschloss) and ornamental colonade that formed two sides of the parade ground – only part of the colonade is still standing – see these two picture links, the first being from 1909: the second being from the present day: anyone is interested in the Continental Wars Society – just drop me a line

  2. Ian Dury says:

    PS – I forgot to say – the carriage on the terrace in the fourth picture is actually Queen Victoria's State Coach from Peter's Victorian Parade range – painted as the Prussaian Royal Coach with Edward VII converted to be the first Kaiser….

  3. Ian Dury,Thanks for the additional information.It was a very impressive display, and showed how good Peter Laing's figures looked en masse.All the best,Bob

  4. Ian Dury,I hope to feature a photograph of the coach and its occupants in a later blog entry.All the best,Bob

  5. Pete. says:

    That's a very impressive display. Does justice to the figures.Cheers,Pete.

  6. Pete,It is a very, very impressive display.I missed SALUTE2013, and therefore did not see this display 'in the flesh' … and having seen it in the photographs, I really regret not being able to go to the show.All the best,Bob

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