Another six and eightpence!

No sooner had I written my earlier blog entry of today about my latest additions to my Funny Little Wars army when the doorbell rang … and a courier delivered two more boxes of 54mm Britains figures!

The latest additions are twelve Welsh Guards …

… and the eleven Seaforth Highlanders.

Some of these figures are over thirty years old, and have one or two minor painting errors or chips … but for the moment I intend to use them ‘as is’.

I have some more Highlanders that are yet to be delivered, and when they arrive I will try to arrange a ‘parade’ of all the Britains figures I have recently acquired.


2 Comments on “Another six and eightpence!”

  1. Mosstrooper says:

    Beautiful figures – very O.S.

  2. Mosstrooper,They are very nice figures!It is an interesting fact that as I get older, my wargaming seems to be gravitating towards the 'Old School'-style more and more.All the best,Bob

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