My latest Funny Little Wars recruits … out of their boxes!

Some years ago James May bought a boxed item of Hornby model railway rolling stock at an auction as part of his TV programme about his Top Toys. (I think that it was a ‘Car-a-belle’ … but I am not sure.) He bid against a number of collectors … and some of them were shocked when he stated to camera that he fully intended to take it out of its box and run it on his model railway at home.

Well today I am going to shock a few collectors of Britains toy soldiers … because I have taken my latest Funny Little Wars recruits out of their boxes … and here they are!

I think that they look great … and cannot wait for an opportunity to try them out on a tabletop (or even a lawn!) battlefield.


4 Comments on “My latest Funny Little Wars recruits … out of their boxes!”

  1. David Crook says:

    Hi Bob,That is a stirring image and no mistake! Those 54mms certainly have plenty of swagger.Perhaps a small FLW to whet the appetite perchance?All the best,DC

  2. David Crook,I suspect that a small FLW game might well be on the cards … although I have had another idea that could also be of interest.All the best,Bob

  3. Steven Page says:

    I had a collector flummoxed when he heard that I was repainting classic Matchbox cars for a game. That was the ONLY reason I bought them. "Art" hangs on walls. "Toys" are to play with!-The Marines look great, Bob. May they be ever victorious!-Steve

  4. Steven Page,I have never understood why people collect toys just for the sake of collecting them. Toys are designed to be played with, not to be stored and gloated over.I collect books … but I read them, and don't just put them on my bookshelves so that I can say that I own them.The US Marines look great … and are soon to be joined by more figures in the very near future.All the best,Bob

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