Miniature Wargames with Battlegames Issue 362

Today I received my first subscription issue of the re-launched MINIATURE WARGAMES WITH BATTLEGAMES magazine.

The articles included in this issue are:

  • Briefing (i.e. the editorial) by Henry Hyde
  • Forward observer by Neil Shuck
  • Fields of value: The continuing tales of a wargames widow by Diane Sutherland
  • The Great Armada: Part 2: a landing in the north by Jim Webster
  • Whose history? answered: First we should ask “Whose accuracy?” by William Haggart
  • Swamp pursuit: a race to safety against enemies and nature by Arthur Harman
  • Send three and four pence by Conrad Kinch
  • 1644: An email and tabletop campaign by Paul Johnston
  • Camerone 1863: The last stand of the Legion by Jim Webster
  • Command challenge: Save Lady Jane from McSiggins! by Henry Hyde
  • Painting perfect pikemen by Tamsin Piper
  • Salute 2013: One wargamer’s grand day out by Dillon Browne
  • Recce
  • The Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal report by Henry Hyde

This looks like being another great issue … and I can hardly wait to set aside enough time to read it at my leisure!

4 Comments on “Miniature Wargames with Battlegames Issue 362”

  1. TamsinP says:

    It's definitely a good issue, especially that "Painting Perfect Pikemen" article. I wonder who that author could be? *grin*

  2. Tamarin P,I have no idea. Could you give us a clue?All the best,Bob

  3. I've read mine and it's a cracker. A couple of proper thought-provoking articles there.

  4. Wg Cdr Luddite,It is an excellent issue and I am very pleased that I decided to buy a subscription.All the best,Bob

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