The portable wargame: Adding a label

Because a large number of my recent blog entries have related to the ongoing development of my portable wargame, I have decided to add ‘The Portable Wargame‘ to the list of labels in the right-hand sidebar of this blog. This will enable me – and any interested blog readers – to find any particular blog entry or entries about the portable wargame that they may wish to look for.

2 Comments on “The portable wargame: Adding a label”

  1. arthur1815 says:

    Bob,An excellent idea! I was beginning to think I had better print out your various ideas and the comments thereon to use as a reference when working on my own versions. This will make finding them much easier, thanks.Arthur

  2. Arthur1815,That is my own underlying reason for adding the label.I was having difficultly finding all the things I had written myself, and thought that others might be having the same problem.All the best,Bob

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