I have been to … Cavalier 2011

I have not been able to get to many wargames shows over the past year or so, and it was therefore a great pleasure to be able to find time to go to Cavalier 2011. It was organised by the Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society, and was held at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge.

Besides a sizeable trader presence, there were quite a few demonstration and participation games being staged, and the following photo-essay should give you an idea of the range and scope of what was on show.

Sentium 295BC (Society of Ancients)

This participation game was run by the usual stalwarts of the SOA, including Phil Steele and Professor Phil Sabin.

Operation Bodenplatte 1945 (North London Wargames Group)

‘Shot, Shell and Steam’ American Civil War Naval Battle (Mid Anglia Wargamers)

The Descent of Chivalry (Lance and Longbow Society)

Washington’s Army (Peter Pig)

Bronze Age World Cup 1200BC (SEEMS)

This was another of SEEMS’s innovative ideas; an all-day ‘knock out’ competition between various Bronze Age armies.

Grunwald 1410 (Crawley Wargames Club)

Budapest 1945 (Loughton Strike Force)

West Side Story 2000 (Deal Wargames Group)

‘Paths of Glory’ World War I Battle (The Big Push Group)

Skirmish at Ngoway’s Kraal 1879 (Maidstone Wargames Society)

‘Die to make men free’ American Civil War Battle (Southend Wargames Club)

Taranto 1940 (Staines Wargamers)

Cavalier has always very pleasant show to attend, and this year was no exception. I was able to chat to several people that I know, to pick up quite a few catalogues, and to buy a copy of Mike Snook’s GO STRONG INTO THE DESERT (Published by Perry Miniatures [2010] ISBN 978 0 9561842 1 4). This looks like a real ‘cracker’ of a book, and I look forward to reading it over the next few weeks.

13 Comments on “I have been to … Cavalier 2011”

  1. Tim Gow says:

    Looks like a good day out. I have been to Cavalier twice (most recently in 2005) and it struck me both times as a pleasant little show.

  2. Paul´s Bods says:

    Looks like you had a good day out.CheersPaul

  3. Tim Gow,It is a great little show, and I recommend going again if you ever get the chance.All the best,Bob

  4. Paul's Bods,I was only able to stay for just over an hour, but enjoyed every minute I was there.All the best,Bob

  5. BigLee says:

    I went to this show for the first time and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the nice selection of displays and spent far too much on the trade stalls. I'll definitely go again.

  6. BigLee says:

    I've just posted some of my own pictures from the show on my blog Cavalier 2011. Pity we never got a chance to say hello. Mind you I was in a world of my own, either taking pictures or spending money!

  7. BigLee,Sorry I missed you, but as you say, there was so much to see at the show that it was very easy to walk past people one knew and not to see them … I know; I did it at Cavalier 2011! (Sorry Nigel!)All the best,Bob

  8. Ray Rousell says:

    Nice photo's Bob, you did well taking that many photo's in a hour, you couldn't have had that much time left to try and empty your wallet. I also attended the show and also like Big Lee spent far too much money!! Check out the photo's from the show on my blog too!Ray

  9. Ray Rousell,Thanks for your kind comments about the photos; I just point, click, and hope … and then crop and manipulate them to try to make them look a bit better.I am sorry that I missed you and BigLee; perhaps I should try to organise a time and place to meet regular readers the next time I know that I am going to go to a show.All the best,BobPS. I will take a look at your photos as soon as I can.

  10. This looks like a very good show

  11. Geordie an Exiled FoG,It is a great little show … and worth going to if you are ever in the Tonbridge area in late February.All the best,Bob

  12. Paul says:

    I love watching the games and browsing the trade stands at these shows but what gives me the greatest pleasure is meeting, and speaking to, such friendly and knowledgeable people.

  13. Paul,I absolutely agree with you!I get as much – if not more – enjoyment from meeting and talking to people at shows as I do from everything else.All the best,Bob

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