Why flock … Why bother?

It was back in June 2009 that I first wrote about using Heroscape hexed terrain, and I extolled the virtues of improving their look by painting and flocking the hexed terrain tiles that came with the game. At the time I promised to write a ‘How to’ blog entry, and recently I finally managed to get around to it.

I also wrote about problems that I had had getting flock that matched the colour that I had already used on previous batches of hexed terrain tiles, and this led to several kind offers of help, for which I am very grateful. … and then I was asked – by email – why I was bothering to flock the hexed terrain tiles. My answer that I have always done it really does not hold up to serious scrutiny … so I put together some painted but unflocked hexed terrain tiles … and realised that they did not actually need flocking.

Since then I have thought about what I am going to do next, and my decision is to just paint the next batch and see how I get on with them. If, after I have used them, I think that they need flocking, I will flock them; if I think that they are all right as they are, they will remain unflocked.

As Aleksandr Orlov would say … ‘Simples!’

6 Comments on “Why flock … Why bother?”

  1. Conrad Kinch says:

    Robert, I am greatly relieved that you've decided to reconsider your attitude to casual flocking.

  2. Conrad Kinch,I feel morally better as a result of my decision.All the best,Bob

  3. ….I think you'll find that it is "seemples" actually… :o))

  4. Steve-the-Wargamer,I never could do accents …All the best,Bob

  5. Dale says:

    I look forward to seeing the naked hexes and how they look. I too am collecting Heroscape hexes, after seeing your battles, and was wondering whether flocking was really worth it.That said, I was probably going to paint the sides, at least for those hexes that were going to be used for elevations. I think hills with brown sides and green tops might not be what I want.Thanks for the experimentation!

  6. Dale,I have learned a lot about how I want my terrain to look by experimenting with small batches of the Heroscape hexed terrain tiles. I am only too glad that others have found it useful.I think the idea of painting the sides of the hexes is a very good one. My original batch was green, my experimental batch was brown, and I think that will probably go back to green for the forthcoming batch that I intend to paint.All the best,Bob

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