The new ‘Frontier’

Whilst I was modifying the batch of Heroscape™ hexed terrain I described in my ‘How to‘ blog entry, I was also thinking about the modifications I will need to make to Morschauser’s ‘Frontier’ wargames rules so that they fit my requirements.

Having read the feedback and ideas readers sent me, and having re-read – yet again – the relevant magazine article that described the ‘Frontier’ wargame rules and the chapter on ‘Musket’ Period wargames rules in Morschauser’s book, I have come to the conclusion that what I actually need to do is to meld the two sets of rules together. In other words, use the combat mechanisms from the ‘Musket’ Period wargames rules (but with Machine Guns equating to Artillery firing Grape Shot) with the turn sequence from the ‘Frontier’ wargames rules (i.e. with Artillery firing before either side moves). The rules are already quite similar, so the work required to meld the two together should not be too arduous.

I hope to begin work on this process later today or tomorrow morning, and will keep readers up-to-date with developments as they happen.

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