Where can you buy flock?

One thing that my recent play-tests have confirmed in my mind is that I intended to use my modified Heroscape™ hexed terrain more. It is simple to use, quick to put together (and take apart), and figures stand up easily on the hills that you build with it.

At present I have quite a bit already painted and flocked, but I have been thinking about adding to collection. To do that I will need paint and flock. The paint is no problem. To date I have used Games Workshop™ Goblin Green because it was – and still is – easy to get hold of and I find it easy to use. The flock, on the other hand, is not so easy to find.

Goblin Green

When I did my first set of modified terrain, Games Workshop™ sold pots of flock that matched the Goblin Green paint they sell. It was not cheap … but it was easy to get hold of. It isn’t now. Apparently they no longer sell flock; they sell static grass.

So this afternoon, I set off on a flock hunt. First I trawled the Internet to find a list of all the possible model shops and craft stores in South East London and North West Kent that might sell flock. A quick phone call to each soon indicated that most did not sell what I wanted – ‘There’s no call for it nowadays; people only want static grass‘. The only place that did have anything suitable in stock was THE SIGNAL BOX in Rochester, Kent. Pretty well as soon as I had put the phone down after my conversation with the member of staff I had spoken to, I was on my way to Rochester.

In the end I bought enough green and brown flock for my purposes, and although the green is not a match for my existing Games Workshop™ green flock – it is a much brighter shade of green – it is quite a good colour match for the Goblin Green paint.

When I start work on my new batch of modified Heroscape™ hexed terrain, I will take some photographs of each stage of the work involved and write it up as a ‘How to’ blog entry.

12 Comments on “Where can you buy flock?”

  1. Dale says:

    Do you find the paint wearing at the interlock points on the hexes? Or do you varnish them in some way to protect the paint from wear?

  2. Conrad Kinch says:

    Bob, As a friend I feel I should warn you about the dangers of casual flocking.

  3. Dale,I don't actually paint the sides of the hexes where they interlock, although I do give them a wash with the colour that I paint the top side with. The wash deadens the shine of the plastic but does not stop them interlocking. Any wear does not seem to notice.When I had done a section of about 2' x 2', I interlocked them and gave the top a quick spray with matt varnish to seal the flock.All the best,Bob

  4. Conrad Kinch,I never flock casually; I only ever do it as part of a meaningful relationship with my terrain.All the best,Bob

  5. Steve Turner says:

    Bob – I had the same trouble when I wanted to base my 15mm medieval figures. All the model shops in the town where I live had closed down and in the end I had to settle for static grass from Games Workshop.Unbelievably, GW opened a new store here last year, but, as you say, they still don't sell flock.Steve.

  6. Bob- you can get any colour, size & shape of flock from Realistic Modelling Services. Keith is a good bloke (also a wargamer)and will understand your needs

  7. Steve Turner,The death of the local model shop is – for many wargamers – a big problem. Twenty years ago there were six model shops within a five mile radius of where I live in London; now there is only one … and that is a specialist shop that sells old and/or rare model kits. Like many, I have to rely of places like Games Workshop and Hobbycraft for my basics (e.g. paint, flock).I have used static grass, but I find that it 'sticks' to everything that will hold a static charge (e.g. plastic storage containers, gloss varnished figures!!!), clumps whilst stored, and is not that easy to glue to bases.Give me good old sawdust and granulated cork flock any day!All the best,Bob

  8. Wg Cdr Luddite,If only I had known this yesterday!I now have a large stock of Goblin Green paint and matching flock, so I am going to have to use it … but next time I will certainly follow up on your suggestion.All the best,Bob

  9. Tim Gow says:

    I too am concerned about your casual flocking activities. I only ever practice 'safe hex…'Tim

  10. Tim,I always use appropriate protection when flocking.All the best,Bob

  11. Chris J says:

    Bob,I've always used Woodland Scenics' Blended Turf, a finely ground blend of greens and a few yellows. It may not be sold in the UK; I would be happy to send you a bit to see if it matches what you've been using.Best regards,Chris

  12. Chris J,Thanks for the offer. I have tried Woodlands Scenic products (but not the one that you mention) but never had much success with them. It might be that what I had to experiment with was fine-ground sponge material (which seemed to wear off the bases very quickly). Another problem is that it tends to be quite expensive in comparison with UK-made products.A small sample would be very welcome; you never know, it might be exactly what I need in the long run.All the best,Bob

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